BASic Bookkeepers
When you need to know… YOUR NUMBERS ADD UP

Over the last 16 years BASic Bookkeepers has emerged from humble beginnings. In 2000 we were two sisters sitting in separate dining rooms trying to help our own clients manage their businesses. After joining forces, we’ve grown to become a dedicated group of twenty bookkeepers, BAS Agents and support staff. Over the years, BASic Bookkeepers has been honed into a force to be reckoned with. Our team of qualified bookkeepers have over 100 years of combined experience helping clients face and manage the challenges of running a small business in our uniquely Australian business conditions.

Since 2000 we have supported and worked with over 750 small to medium businesses, helping them realise their dreams. We now have two Australian offices. Our head office is based in Leichhardt, close to Sydney’s CBD. As of October 2016, we have a new Queensland office, conveniently located on the Gold Coast ready to service Brisbane, Surfers Paradise and the Sunshine Coast. BASic Bookkeepers continue to service some of the most innovative and passionate small businesses across Australia and beyond. Our mission is to help make small business owners dreams become a reality.

Over the years, our team have been part of the success of many, many clients by helping them; start up, carve out their niche, expand, employ staff, enter new markets, sell, downsize, gain funding, learn new skills, get online, identify efficiencies and opportunities, open offices, change software, comply with regulations and most importantly get paid on time.

We have become a repository of skills and knowledge essential for creating, running and growing an Australian business. Our mission is to share our extensive, combined knowledge to help you succeed. We are here to support you When you need to know... YOUR NUMBERS ADD UP

It is our vision to create opportunities for our clients through innovation, excellence and knowledge. We’ve made it our mission to make sure you have the freedom to maximise your potential and create your own future.

BASic Bookkeepers specialise in leading small business accounting software:
Xero - Receipt Bank - MYOB LiveAccounts - Netsuite - EcoSystem Add-ons

We can give you:

  • Accurate BAS preparation and expert handling of related ATO matters,
  • Cloud computing as well as traditional onsite and offsite bookkeeping,
  • Training on financial software.
  • Payroll services and access to HR advice
  • Software solutions suitable for your business
  • 100+ years of experience with small businesses in Australia
  • Tailored goal oriented reporting

Outsourced Sydney and Brisbane bookkeeping

BASic Bookkeepers’ head office is located in Sydney, NSW. We recently launched a Gold Coast branch to help service local businesses in Brisbane, Surfers Paradise, Sunshine Coast and other areas of Queensland. BASic Bookkeepers continue to offer a range of bookkeeping services including; onsite and offsite bookkeeping, online payroll, cloud-based bookkeeping, BAS and general bookkeeping for clients and accountants located in Australia.

While the emergence of cloud-based accounting software means that we can offer our superior services to businesses right across Australia (and beyond) from our Sydney base, we are aiming to open more local office branches in other capital cities in the future. So watch out for us in Melbourne, Adelaide, Hobart, Perth and Darwin!

Bookkeeping training

BASic Bookkeepers make bookkeeping for small business easy by offering training for business-owners who want to use appropriate accounting and bookkeeping software themselves.

General bookkeeper services

BASic Bookkeepers offers exceptional service, backed by a team of certified bookkeepers. We are qualified, experienced and quality controlled bookkeeping service providers.

  • Bookkeeping service rates include discounted, fixed packages suitable for sole trader, partnership and small company businesses.
  • We have the staff and infrastructure to provide you with bookkeeping services, no matter how complex your business.