Our Story

Our love of Numbers

Over a decade ago, our love for numbers launched us into a bookkeeping company. Our goal was to work with great people, to keep learning and to have fun doing what we love! Since then, BASic Bookkeepers has grown into a successful bookkeeping business respected by clients and accountants for our professionalism, warm approach, and high standards. 

With our great team of expert bookkeepers and now with over 200 clients, we stand out in our industry. We’re known for our solid approach to bookkeeping and for consistent delivery of our core strengths — quality, flexibility and expertise.

We feel lucky to do what we do. And we still love numbers!


BASic Bookkeepers specialise in leading small business accounting software:
Xero - Receipt Bank - MYOB LiveAccounts - Netsuite - EcoSystem Add-ons


Our story is your story

As BASic Bookkeepers, we’ve been in business since 2000. For many years before that, as individual bookkeepers, we were in business for ourselves. We know the story of being in business and that’s why we work so hard to provide business solutions, not just bookkeeping.

We really get how precious your time is

As we all know there are plenty of easy bookkeeping software and inexpensive accounting packages out there on the market but time is the most precious resource a business owner has. We use the motto ‘We make it easier to run a business’ because we understand that what you need is the support and flexibility to get on with running your business.

We use our story to stay inspired

We often think about our beginnings, our story of starting a bookkeeping business, and use those memories to continue to inspire our bookkeeping offerings and services. While the challenges in providing bookkeeping services for small business are different to book keeping services for larger organisations, all businesses have one thing in common - they need information; bank reconciliation, debtor reporting, creditor information, profit and loss reporting, cash flow management, BAS reports and tax reporting for tax planning. It’s part and parcel of being in business, and it takes up a big chunk of time and resources.

We provide bookkeeping solutions tailored to your story

Whether it’s outsourcing bookkeeping, bookkeeping training on accounting packages, cloud or online book keeping, the occasional visit from a certified bookkeeper who can review your bookkeeping, or just the BAS that you need help with, we aim to help with business solutions that work in with your story, your goals and your ever-changing needs.  There is a unique story behind every business but in many ways we all share the same story.

BASic Bookkeepers - we make it easier to run a business.