About You

When you pay for any service, you want value for money.

Over 200 businesses think that’s what you get with BASic Bookkeepers.

  • Our value lies in our knowledge, experience, integrity and commitment – getting it right the first time.
  • With our great team, anytime backup and support is a phone call away.
  • Our bookkeepers have up-to-date qualifications. Length of experience means nothing without current knowledge of business legislation.
  • Referrals from clients and their accountants are our number one source of business.


BASic Bookkeepers specialise in leading small business accounting software:
Xero - Receipt Bank - MYOB LiveAccounts - Netsuite - EcoSystem Add-ons


What we know about you – the prospective client

Outsourcing bookkeeping
We know that you may be looking at outsourcing bookkeeping by using a Sydney bookkeeper or using bookkeeping services that provide cloud and online accounting packages.

Business bookkeeping services in your office
Sometimes you are looking for a book keeping service that will send a bookkeeper in to your office, and we can provide that. We have a number of certified bookkeepers in all areas of Sydney.

Business solutions outside the office
Many prospective clients don’t have the office space for a regular book keeper, so you come to us looking for a bookkeeping business that can provide tailored business solutions working remotely. We can provide that.

Bookkeeping training
Especially in the start-up phase of a business, you don’t always have the financial resources to pay bookkeeping service rates for a regular bookkeeper or to outsource to a bookkeeping service. So you purchase what seems to be easy accounting software for small business that allows you to do bank reconciliations, p&l reporting, invoices, some cashflow management, maybe payroll and also your BAS. However you find that it takes time to get up to speed and you don’t always understand why things have to be done a certain way. That’s where we come in with training.

Bookkeeping fees
Having been in the bookkeeping business for many, many years, we know that your business needs change often as your business develops, so we tailor our bookkeeping service rates to suit the needs of your situation. We offer hourly rates or fixed price packages and we are flexible in the level of bookkeeping service we provide to suit your needs and budget.

BASic Bookkeepers - we make it easier to run a business.