BASic Bookeepers + Our accountant partners

Bookkeeping is the fine detail in an accountant’s big picture view.

BASic Bookkeepers supports the accountants for over 200 businesses.

  • We are registered BAS Agents in accordance with all new Tax Practitioners Board bookkeeping industry requirements.
  • Our services — from onsite to online, backlog to BAS and beyond — are tailored to meet a client’s particular and changing needs.
  • We work with accountants to assist clients in every stage of business, from set-up to expansion, through good times and bad.
  • Referrals from clients and accountants are our number one source of new business.


BASic Bookkeepers specialise in leading small business accounting software:
Xero - Receipt Bank - MYOB LiveAccounts - Netsuite - EcoSystem Add-ons


Accountants refer clients to BASic Bookkeepers for three main reasons...

1. Their clients want flexible, tailored bookkeeping services

We provide a full range of customised, outsourced or onsite bookkeeping services, from back-log, bank reconciliations to profit and loss reporting and cash flow management as well as BAS and payroll.

2. Their clients need bookkeeping training

We have a number of fixed bookkeeping fee packages designed to provide bookkeeping help in the form of training for business owners who are doing their own bookkeeping or using an untrained staff member to do their accounts.

3. Their clients want online bookkeeping

With our range of remote and online bookkeeping software and systems, including the rising star of online bookkeeping Xero, for which we are a certified consultants, we make it easy for clients to access the full complement of bookkeeping services —bank reconciliation, data entry, invoice, BAS assistance, payroll, credit management, cashflow management, p&l services and more — any time from anywhere in the world.

BASic Bookkeepers - we make it easier to run a business.