Credit Management

BASic Bookkeepers + ezyCollect = Get paid faster

More than 80% of business failures are related to poor cash flow rather than poor income. Every day your client withholds payment you are losing money and they are getting an interest free loan. With BASic Bookkeepers and ezyCollect we can:

  • Improve your cash flow
  • Decrease the time spent chasing overdue accounts
  • Automate & systemise your debtor control

Knowing who owes you money, when they intend to pay and getting paid on time is fundamental to creating good cash flow. Regular contact and follow up with your customers will ensure you get paid faster. Many small business owners don’t have time to efficiently and consistently follow up their debtors to make sure they are getting paid on time. BASic Bookkeepers has vast experience in monitoring, managing and reporting on our clients’ debtors.

Using ezyCollect, we can create customised templates and an efficient system to manage your debtors. If you would like to discuss how we can implement ezyCollect so you get paid faster contact us on 1300 852 575.

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BASic Bookkeepers specialise in leading small business accounting software:
Xero - Receipt Bank - MYOB LiveAccounts - Netsuite - EcoSystem Add-ons


Credit Management is not an expense to your business, it’s an investment in growth and profit

Automated Credit Management

The most effective way to ensure good cash flow is to:

  1. create an integrated debtor management system,
  2. with clearly defined processes and
  3. reportable actions.

What does that mean and how do you do it?

  • Integrated debtor management system = Debtor management should be fully integrated with billings and receipting
  • Define processes = Give someone the responsibility and tell them what needs to be done and make them accountable
  • Reportable Actions = Set deadlines and make sure you are kept updated with progress

BASic Bookkeepers can set up ezyCollect to:

  • integrate with Xero and MYOB
  • automate your debtor management process; customise and personalise reminders and follow up action for all your customers
  • automatically report on progress with action reminders for you and your staff

When integrated with your accounting software, ezyCollect can:

  • Send automatic reminders to clients via email, fax or letter
  • Schedule phone call for your staff to manage disputes
  • Create customised reminders to suit each client
  • Attach copies of overdue invoices to reminders
  • Allow customers to pay anytime, anywhere via secure payment gateways

Using BASic Bookkeepers and ezyCollect will improve your cash flow by getting paid faster and minimising your bad debts.

If you would like to discuss how we can improve your cash flow through systemised credit management, please contact us on 1300 852 575

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