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BASic Bookkeepers + Receipt Bank

At BASic Bookkeepers we understand the time you spend on your books could be better spent building your business. Therefore, we’re pleased to announce our adoption of Receipt Bank.

Receipt Bank extracts key information from your bills, receipts and invoices, removing the need for manual data entry. Receipt Bank then publishes the data to your accounting software (Xero and Dropbox). It can also be downloaded as a spreadsheet or used to create expense reports.

  • No more data entry
  • No more paper
  • No more filing (or misplacing vital information)
  • Reduce your bookkeeping costs
  • Embed your receipts and invoices into your online software*

Integration with Receipt Bank removes the burden that manual management of bills, receipts and invoices place on businesses. This unique software and service gathers, stores and processes bills, receipts and invoices easily and cost effectively.

BASic Bookkeepers specialise in leading small business accounting software:
Xero - Receipt Bank - MYOB LiveAccounts - Netsuite - EcoSystem Add-ons

How does Receipt Bank work?

You can send or upload your receipts to Receipt Bank via:

  • Unique email address – get your suppliers to email Receipt Bank directly
  • Upload via DropBox
  • Smart Phone App – Take a picture of your receipt and upload via your phone app
  • Drag and Drop – drag your digital receipts and drop them straight onto Receipt Bank
  • Post – old school, post your paper receipts to Receipt Bank and they’ll upload them all for you

Receipt Bank extracts all the relevant data; Supplier, Date, Amount, Expense, GST and transfers this information into your online software*

Receipt Bank automatically extracts the key data from your bills, invoices and receipts then publishes this information directly into Xero (along with the attached source document). This saves you the time and hassle of data entry, reducing paperwork in the office and providing huge cost and time savings.

No more storing paper receipts and invoices!

The bank feed supplies your accounting software with real time information on your money in / out. Receipt Bank adds the transactions that are due for payment as well as the supporting documentation of your transactions. This ensures your books are richer than ever before!

How to submit your receipts and invoices?

You can send your bills, invoices and receipts to Receipt Bank in a number of ways. For example the iPhone and Android apps allow you to take photos on the go - perfect for those taxi or coffee receipts! You can also use email-in, direct upload, Dropbox and Paypal.

Xero’s no.1 Add-on!

Receipt Bank is Xero’s most popular add-on globally. The award winning service was named Xero’s “Add-on Partner of the Year” in both Australia and the UK. A suitable solution for all of our clients regardless of your industry or sector!

Receipt and invoice processing automatically extracts the key data from your expenses and securely stores the scanned copies in your online account. As a result, your business has its records saved in an easily retrievable way.

BASic Bookkeepers and Receipt Bank

We will have access to your Receipt Bank account enabling us to manage your expenses from there. This partnership with Receipt Bank is an example of how BASic Bookkeepers is continually taking advantage of new technology to help make it easier to run a business

If you would like to discuss Receipt Bank further - please contact us on 1300 852 575

*Receipt Bank integrates with Xero and Dropbox

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